about our firm

Kastiele is a bespoke luxury design firm with an ever growing passion for exclusive designer homes, offices and properties. Like a properly tailored suit, a bespoke home shows wealth, power, elegance and sophistication. Our materials and furniture pieces are chosen from all over the world as well as Vancouver, making the home truly yours and unique. Each distinctive detail is hand picked by our designers to suit your lifestyle and personality.  A custom designed home that is exclusively made for you. Creating a beautiful home is a journey and we would love to take that journey with you.This will be your best investment yet.

No two people are built the same, and at Kastiele we believe no two homes should be built the same.


Poonam Gill

One of Poonam’s great talents lies in knowing how to, bring a home to life. 

Early on in her career, She worked in different sectors of the design industry including hotel design, commercial, public and corporate spaces. She then went on to work in the Luxury home staging industry with Designs for life (a top staging company working with the 1% of home owners and real estate agents in West Vancouver and Vancouver). 
Poonam was DFL’s manager and the owners right hand for a good 3 years before moving on to start her own Luxury Home design and staging business. It was years of Project management, client relationships, Design and decoration for properties worth anywhere from 1 Million to 25 Million dollars. 
Having learnt from the best in the industry, combined with teachings from the top 1% of West Vancouver realtors. It is her extensive and ever-evolving knowledge of the Luxury homes market coupled with the time she takes to fully understand every client’s needs that affords her the ability to direct the process from the client’s first consultation to the successful design and staging of their home.

Poonam strives to deliver better than expected results thereby ensuring long- lasting relationships with her clients. 
She takes seriously the confidence clients place in her abilities and spares no effort to ensure they receive the best professional service possible. Her ultimate goal is to help clients receive the greatest return on their investment with minimal inconvenience. Poonam continues to take on Multi million dollar projects and design luxury homes throughout the city.


A diverse ability to create captivating designs while still remaining true to Marc's clients visions is why he stands out among the rest. 


Initially trained in the construction trade, Marc gained a unique design perspective that allowed him to be both skilled in construction and design. This allows him to better communicate between both clients and contractors.


Marc worked for a Vancouver based luxury design firm for a year before co- founding Kastiele.

Founder, Creative-director  & Interior Designer

Marc McMillan