January 4, 2019

Moss is the surprising plant taking over luxury home decor right now and I am absolutely in love with it. It is the easiest way to breathe life into a new space.

June 23, 2018

Sourcing tiles, finishes, fixtures is a part of our daily lives and keeping up to date with the latest in the design community is also one of our main responsibilities. We want our clients to have the best possible options available to them and it starts with us keepin...

June 21, 2018

Design is becoming one of the most relevant industries in the world. People are willing to spend more and more on expensive furniture brands.

The overall concern about beauty and aesthetics has taken over every single industry in the world. Fashion, architectu...

March 17, 2018

Why building a spec home today different than in the past

The 21st century spec home is a new breed.  It’s the product of extensive research, constant refinement and meticulous attention to detail. Today’s luxury home buyer is extremely well educated in design trends, a...

March 9, 2018

Have you ever been to a recently listed home, and experienced the strong feeling of having been to the property before? The house, the floor plan, the furniture, and even the color concept looks and feels familiar? What's going on here? You are experiencing a common mo...

February 13, 2018

What is your ROID? Or Return on an Interior Designer?

We know that nothing is more important than the financial success of your project. We call this our Return on Design Investment. You should not have to wonder if your interior design will hit the mark. We streamline...

February 12, 2018

Interior designers on your site are critical to the success of your Construction project. A professional interior designer assists in the many decisions that require attention during this process.

Building a home is a complicated endeavour and must include all the neces...

November 2, 2017

As many of our clients and friends are aware. Kastiele is preparing for Dinner by design this year happening mid November. 

If you're not familiar to the event, it is a series of unique dinner experiences and craft cocktail parties highlighting well-known interior desig...

October 23, 2017

Vancouver's newest playground for adults. Parq casino Vancouver has just opened up this month. I for one was excited to check it out for all the design. I must say I wasn't disappointed.

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