Vancouver's newest playground for adults. Parq casino Vancouver has just opened up this month. I for one was excited to check it out for all the design. I must say I wasn't disappointed. ​

When you first lay your eyes on the casino, the big escalators, plastic rope chandelier dangling between them, you almost get a mall vibe. It almost makes you think..hmmm.. what's so special about this place? Once you head inside and wander and really discover all the little (understatement) nooks in this place, you're blown away. As all casinos are, this place is massive; but even more so with all the restaurants, hotels and hotel lobbies and little lounges waiting to be explored.

The one section in the casino that I took to the most was definitely the JW Marriot Hotel lobby. It emanates luxury, the design is so simple, yet so layered, I love to layer my own designs so this was my favourite spot in the building. As I am sure you can tell by all the pictures above.

The other restaurant that I will be going back for is 1886, Going out on a Saturday night with friends sometimes means not being able to wait 45 minutes to eat at the restaurant you'd really like. 1886 is filled with Eclectic Luxury, two of my favourite words. I am not sure how the food will be but the interior was crazy enough to keep me interested to go back. The black and white floors gave an Alice in Wonderland feel and the colours were vey mid-century modern luxury. Still gushing over this one!