As many of our clients and friends are aware. Kastiele is preparing for Dinner by design this year happening mid November.

If you're not familiar to the event, it is a series of unique dinner experiences and craft cocktail parties highlighting well-known interior designers, architects, decorators and members of the design community. Guests will experience fabulous creative concepts of celebrities and designers, dine on exquisite gourmet meals, and access superb design and brand ideas. The most sophisticated, visually compelling and inspiring social experience; all while supporting various progressive non-profit organizations!

If you wish to find out more about the event, or purchase tickets, take a look at their website: http://dinnerxdesign.com/

Now I can't share what we're preparing for the show, as that is a surprise. But I can give you a glimpse of what our inspiration is. As many know, a lot of my love for fashion pours over into my love for design. Often I find myself being inspired by big luxury names and designers. Fashion is very playful, which is what you'll see in our designs for the dinner booth.

Golds, emeralds, black a taste of luxury through out the scene. Lots of layers will be present throughout the tables cape, much like our work when designing homes and commercial spaces. Layers are a good way to add that element of interest and richness through the whole look.

This specific colour plays a huge role in our masterpiece. Not only is it our company colours, the exquisite detail in this image showcases our philosophy that Kastiele - Luxury in every detail. We pay close attention to the details, as that is what sets us apart from others. Having taste and beautiful things is great but true craftsmanship comes from being detailed.