Interior designers on your site are critical to the success of your Construction project. A professional interior designer assists in the many decisions that require attention during this process.

Building a home is a complicated endeavour and must include all the necessary groundwork to complete the desired result, whether it is for a family home or a hotel. As your interior designer, we can help you formulate a design and guide you throughout the process. We usually work with a team consisting of an interior designer, the client, the architect, the contractor, and all of the different specialists and trades that will be required to achieve our vision. Working together accommodates all the different aspects of your project in order to move it along efficiently.

As your interior designer we prepare the planning phase, which acts as a itinerary for the intricacies of various elements required to achieve the desired result. The plan is complete with furniture layouts including the necessary space allocations and requirements such as electrical and lighting.

As your designer, we will educate you throughout the building process and the options available. We simplify this confusion by understanding your needs as well as the clients and design an effective plan that works within your clients budget while achieving luxury design goals.

Kastieles relationship with our builders is extremely important. Working effectively together to achieve the same goal helps us bring the project to a successful completion. Having hands on experience in the construction industry, Kastiele has a strong understanding of the inner workings of building a home, a deep respect for the construction trade, and enjoy being on sites.

As designers we support the contractor and/or builder by providing all necessary information, answering important questions and working with a common language to facilitate communication with all parties.

Kastieles Designers will save you time and money on a project during the construction phase by:

  • Advocating for the client and watching to see that the construction follows the design vision to completion.

  • Streamlining the construction process by assisting in the coordination of trades and product deliveries.

  • Communicating the design direction and smart home, audio video or decorative issues for future installations.

  • Brainstorming with the builder or site supervisor to solve onsite surprises discovered in the building structure.

  • Pointing out potential issues, quickly preventing mistakes and modifying the design when necessary, which will save you money.

  • Our familiarity and expertise with the whole design plan gives us the unique vision to see how each phase leads us to the final product.

We often visit our construction sites during the project when we know there may be prudent observations to prevent future issues. This is especially true on bathroom and kitchen designs. A water pipe may be in the wrong location or a ceiling detail that needs adjustment or missing blocking required for a floating shower bench or grab bar. These visits are made at various times during the project and are there to save you time and money to fix any problems.Our site visits are typically during the framing phase, while wiring for electric, and before installing flooring, cabinetry, and wall coverings. A quick review with the trades will prevent hours of unnecessary anguish later on when it may be too late to correct. Our clients are aware that we will visit their site and if requested, coordinate them directly with the contractor or the trades. Site visits are typically charged at our hourly rate or negotiated during the planning phase. These visits are well worth the value for you build to run smoothly.

Interior Designers are integral to the success of a project throughout the design and construction process. As your designer, we are aware of the end goal and the methodology needed to achieve the beautiful result we all strive to attain. The implementation of a design project consists of so many variables that need to come together for the success of the project.