Have you ever been to a recently listed home, and experienced the strong feeling of having been to the property before? The house, the floor plan, the furniture, and even the color concept looks and feels familiar? What's going on here? You are experiencing a common moment of Deja Vu. As professionals we know that unless a potential home buyer experiences "This is the best thing ever" moment, he or she will cross you off their list, and continue the hunt for the perfect home. So how can we help you set yourself apart, while still providing everything on their target buyer’s checklist? Start by never showing your house unfurnished. Less than 10% of buyers can visualize how a property will look with furniture. A property stylist or stager’s job is to recognize quirky spaces, and make the smallest room appear purposeful and visually appealing. The stager can determine which unique features should be showcased to capture the sophisticated eye of today’s buyer, and make any square footage challenges or awkward areas disappear. Great staging dramatically increases the perceived value of the property!

There are stagers who beat out their competition based on price. They move their inventory from one property to the next without much thought to the right furniture proportions, color scheme, necessary artwork, and design. They do not spend anytime planning how to showcase custom features or give an odd space a brilliant solution. To choose the right stager, start by checking the professional property stylist’s website. Consider if they have done their homework by addressing each property individually, and not simply “dressed” one home to resemble another. Keep in mind that ‘cookie-cutter’ staged homes start melding into one another and creating deja-vu moments. A great stager will create a design that emphasizes the property and showcases it to its best advantage. Each piece is carefully selected to create the aesthetics that will speak to the most sophisticated buyers, creating a connection that will ultimately lead to a quicker sale. One size does not fit all! The goal of staging is to raise the perceived value of a home, creating a luxurious, lasting first impression, and an emotional bond with the potential homebuyer.

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