Why building a spec home today different than in the past

The 21st century spec home is a new breed. It’s the product of extensive research, constant refinement and meticulous attention to detail. Today’s luxury home buyer is extremely well educated in design trends, and sophisticated in terms of their wants and desires. And the market is constantly evolving, because luxury buyers make use of 24/7 access to the latest design trends, materials and technologies. The plethora of home design websites, in particular, houzz, and glossy luxury magazines are a training ground for home buyers, and the new luxury spec buyer seeks out the latest and the very best of everything. There is a reason why everything being built now is branded as Luxury. As a result, building today is a fine tuned art form. We are building a handcrafted product designed to meet the many requirements of this well-educated and demanding buyer.

How we approach the building process to meet the high bar set by today’s well educated luxury home buyer

When building luxury homes, it’s crucial to keep pace with your constantly evolving local market and its buyers. Relentless in-depth research is key. Unlike custom homes, there’s no client and no guidance when selecting the home’s finishes. From kitchen cabinets, vanities, tile and fixtures, right down to the paint colors, we have to get it right… or you’ll be ripping it out. At Kastiele our full time design team continually studies the worlds of home design, fashion and culture to review, evaluate and incorporate into our developers homes. Everything that we need to meet and surpass our home buyers’ expectations. We also benefit from our building experience in experimenting with and interpreting the latest trends in new and original ways that bring excitement to our homes.

Responding to trends.

Our design team also plays a critical role in the current trend towards personalization or semi-customization of a spec home i.e. making some changes to personalize a home that is already under construction or almost complete. Buyers often want to place their personal “signature” on the home without having to build an entirely custom home from scratch. Unfortunately this happens to late in the building process and is often not done or completed after the clients has made their purchase. Personalization is a significant trend in today’s spec home industry and our design team enables will enable you to meet those needs.

How Kastiele has been able to succeed and grow in this competitive business?

Our local expertise is very deep. We have a strong local focus, specializing in our city and our community. Our local expertise extends to many critical decisions made in this business. Our team has a unique set of experiences that help each other grow. Maintaining a solid relationship with our clients, which of necessity means that they are pleased with the quality and design of their homes, often bears fruit in many ways, from upgrading with us to referrals of friends. We are a fairly new firm and maintaining an excellent reputation has been our key to growing.

Custom home building vs. The spec home

Buyers who don’t have the time or inclination to start from scratch and design their own home are no easier or less demanding than those who choose to build a custom home. They often have the same specific wants and desires as custom home buyers. The difference is that, to be successful, you have to accurately anticipate their needs rather than having them laid out for you. I think this is misunderstood in the market. Just as custom home designers are all about customer service, luxury spec home designers are all about their buyers too. Only we have to cover all the bases, because we not only serve luxury home buyers whom we’ve met, but also all those that we haven’t yet met, making it more challenging to build to suit.