Design is becoming one of the most relevant industries in the world. People are willing to spend more and more on expensive furniture brands.

The overall concern about beauty and aesthetics has taken over every single industry in the world. Fashion, architecture and even cuisine! Appearance is probably one of the most important aspects in our society, therefore, people are pleased to invest on high quality furniture brands.

Finding the right brand, furniture to fit your space, style and budget is hard work! Endless shopping in retail shops or hunting online all the while worrying if it works together or if it’s going to fit your new space and lifestyle? Leave it to the professionals.

Our design team wants to ensure that every piece we recommend fits your lifestyle, space, budget and functional requirements perfectly.

We also love expanding our list of furniture suppliers and expanding our knowledge about all the new and exciting brands in town and around the world. Just last week we paid a visit to the New and beautiful showroom of Avenue Road Furniture, with its headquarters in New York, and now expanded out here in Vancouver.